7 Things Men Should Know About Women

Things you should know about women


A woman is always a mystery for men. They do not know what is going on in her mind. It is said that when a woman says “no” she may mean it, or a “no” may means “yes” and it can be a “may be”. But it is not true. Women are not so difficult to understand. There may be few things you should keep in mind and you should know about women.  There are just 7 things men should know about women. Let us discuss about these things. It is not difficult task for you to choose perfect partner for you. If you follow some things you can easily get a good partner for you in few minutes. We know that dating is the precious moment for everyone, so you want a perfect partner for your date.

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Right now if you are dating a woman, you are also dating her friends. For a woman, her friends are very important to her and it is same with men also. So you should behave friendly with her friends also. No one wants to be ignored and that is the case with women. If you are not responding to her, that means you are not interested in her and it can act as a loop in your relationship. You need to make time for her as. Time is the most precious gift you can give to a person, so give her your time. She does not want you to be fake, act normally and genuinely. Try to know her opinion as well. She respects your decision and you should also do that. You are not her dad, so do not act in such a way. And she is not your mother, so do not expect her to baby you.

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